Terms of Service


You can cancel your subscription at any time before your next payment is due. If you are part way through your subscription (e.g. 7 out of 12 months on pre-paid subscription) and wish to cancel your subscription, we will refund you on the basis that each box that has already been sent for the duration of your subscription is at $39. We reserve the right to change this amount without notice.

Ladi Luxe will not provide a refund for month by month payment plans.

For boxes that have already are more than 1 month pre-paid but not yet sent out, the cut off date for a box subscription cancellation is on the last day of each calendar month. If a cancellation request is sent after the last day of the calendar month, the no refunds will be made for the box to be sent.

For example: Jenny has pre-paid for the 12 months box decides to cancel her box on the 5th August. There will be no refunds made for payments made in June and her August box will be sent out as per usual on the 15th.

Product Replacement

In the event that products inside your Ladi Luxe box arrived damaged, we are happy to replace the item on condition that photographic proof is provided on request and that you contact us within 5 days of receiving the item.

If there is an issue with your item after you have received it and it has been more than 5 days, please contact us and we reserve the discretionary rights on the outcome and method of resolution.


Ladi Luxe does not accept returns of boxes sent.

All boxes and products are checked for quality prior to delivery and while Ladi Luxe endeavours to ensure that the box and product inside is delivered to you in good condition, it may be damaged during delivery. Ladi Luxe accepts no responsibility of damange made during delivery.

If you intend to seek a replacement box or product, you must send through a photograph that clearly slows the damage for Ladi Luxe to assess. If we deem the case to be valid, we will endevour to replace the products when it becomes practical, unless otherwise we (both Ladi Luxe and the customer) both agree on an alternative solution.

Subscriptions & Auto-Renewals

All subscriptions automatically renew in the payment cycles for which they are brought. Unless a subscription is cancelled through the website, it will continue to automatically renew.

Prices & Payments

All prices shown on Ladi Luxe are listed in NZ dollars. The prices are subjected to change at any time without prior notification.

If a plan has already been subscribed to and price changes occurs afterwards on the website for future purchases, your plan will remain as it is originally purchased. Changes will not occur to your current plan.

Ladi Luxe does not hold any credit or debit card details. All payments are processed through PayPal’s payment gateways and all necessary details to make a payment is held by PayPal.

Promotional Content

By providing us with your email address, we reserve the right to send you communications promotional content from time to time.

We will not share or sell your personal details such as address, email and phone number to any third party. Permission will first be sought in the event that such an activity should occur.